"We design programs to the specified age group to ensure an enjoyable learning experience."

We Currently offer the following 50-minute programs for school age children to adults:


Explore the wonderful world of reptiles and amphibians! Meet various examples from these two similar, yet different groups of animals.  Learn about their natural history and the importance of their conservation.  You will also have a chance to pet a gator, stare into the eyes of a huge toad, and touch a giant python!


Learn about these fascinating but often misunderstood reptiles.  How do they locate prey?  How do they eat?  How big do they grow?  Meet numerous species of snakes.  Learn about our native species and what we can do to conserve their habitat and ensure their survival. 


Dragons?! No, not real dragons ~ lizards! Meet many different species of lizards: geckos that can climb glass, skinks with bright blue tongues, a legless lizard, a cousin of the Komodo Dragon, and a lizard with an impressive beard.  Meet these and many more as we venture into the realm of living dragons.


Encounter some creepy-looking creatures.  This program is a perfect "mixed bag" for birthday parties.  You will see and touch a variety of reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, insects and more!  Don't worry, we won't bite!


Is that a Copperhead in my yard? Probably not; but you can find Copperheads, as well as 13 other species of snakes here in Connecticut. In the first half of the program, there will be a powerpoint presentation on the natural history and identification of Connecticut's native species.  After the powerpoint presentation, you will be introduced to 8 of Connecticut's own, including the infamous Northern Copperhead.

*This program is designed for older students (12+) & adults


Crocodilians and turtles have been around for more than 100 million years, but they have changed little in their appearance.  In this program you will learn about how these fascinating reptiles adapted and evolved into the animals we see today.  We will learn about their size, power, and hunting strategies, as well as conservation issues that affect their preservation.  You will meet a Crocodile and Alligator, along with turtles, tortoises, and an 80 lb. SWAMP MONSTER!

Riverside Reptiles specializes in giving the people attending the program a “hands on” experience; we prefer to limit the number of participants to 50 individuals.  Some exceptions may apply; please call for details.  We do offer discounts for multiple consecutive programs; see pricing for more information.

2019 Program Pricing
One program is ~ $250 (plus travel)

2 consecutive programs ~ $230/each (plus travel)

3 consecutive programs ~ $210/each (plus travel)

3 or more programs booked for the year ~ $210/Program (plus travel)

*programs must be booked in the same day for the discounted price

2019 Travel Pricing